The Control System is an intelligent controller developed to provide flexible solutions for economical filter life by minimizing the cost associated with maintaining and operating modern dust filtration systems. The integrated dP transducer allows the controller to determine exactly when filters require cleaning. This feature ensures the filters are cleaned only when necessary, dramatically extending filter life and lowering emissions, while significantly reducing compressed air use. Additional coil fault diagnosing feature is also in these models which sense the current of the coil while purging.
This efficient control system base board is available in several configurations with 16 or 48 solenoid output board. The addition of expansion cards, matched to the AC or DC Output of the controller, increases this number to 360 outputs.

  • Both Compartments setting available Sequential Purging or Open Close
  • No of Compartment Easily changeable from 1 to 16. Depends on Model.
  • LED’s smd Green indicated each operating compartment.
  • Timer, delay remaining time, setup changes.
  • Number High quality PCB (Printed Circuit Board) FR-4 1.66mm thick manufactured from PCB industrial requirement.
  • Sleep Time Mode Available. Sleep Mode is active after one cycle and its range is from 0 to 30 Mints.
  • High Quality water proof IP68 standard case to protect timer card which lasts for long time.
  • Triple Safety per compartment. Fuse, Triac and Optocoupler TriacRelay Based Output for BF16RLY. For 24 DC input and output. Faulty relay can easily be replaced.
  • Current Sensor. Values Current can be seen on display during purging and created fault alarm if current in not in between defined limits. 0.1 to 0.499 Amp.This fault relay can be easily be replaced.
  • Current Sensor. Valves Current can be seen on display during purging and created fault alarm if Current in not in between defined limits. 0.1 to 4.99 Amp. This fault can also be linked with main PLC.
  • Differential pressure Display on screen and can created by operation.
  • LCD (4×40) character blue color, to display  the Compartment Number Delay Timer, delay remaining time, setup changes, Current Valve and Pressure Valve.
  • Specifications:On Time: 20 ms to 2

    Delay Time: .01 s to 15 min

    Sleep time:  0 to 30 Min

    Input Voltage:  110V/230V , (50 HZ)

    Output Voltage:  Solid state based  24V,  110V, 230V AC 24V DC

    Compartment Bypass: N/A

    Remote communication: PLC/DCS

    Feed back Input: Differential pressure , Current sensor